Meet "Watermelon Sugar" Handcrafted Matte Lipstick

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Meet "Watermelon Sugar" Handcrafted Matte Lipstick👇🏾 

Okay so thissss lipstick shade was so difficult to nail! I had a specific hue and image in mind that I NEEDED to achieve, and was actually really unwilling to settle without execution.

Watermelon Sugar needed to scream SUMMER! I needed to see pink on deep skin without too much of an orange pull, and red on fair skin tones without looking vampy/bloody.

As a matter of fact, I created Love Bandit Matte Lipstick with these same intentions. I had less experience with creating lipsticks and was really still in the process of learning. Love Bandit turned out to be a brighter, less rich pink. While she will always hold a place in my heart, after some serious deliberation, I made the executive decision to discontinue the shade due to her lack of depth.

Watermelon Sugar is a dream... Quite literally what dreams are made of. She’s the perfect reddish pink that leans more pink the deeper the skin tone, and more red(yet still pink)on fairer skin tones.

This baby’ll have you feeling beyond ready to conquer the world!

How would you style Watermelon Sugar Matte Lipstick? Let me know in the comments!


Milz the Unicorn



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