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Skin like Bey'?

“So I can have Bey's... anything?"

We know - Beyonce Knowles has tons of highly skilled dermatologists, estheticians, and even “her own” personal Makeup Artist, the Sir John (fangirl, over here). We got our hands on some of the hottest tea on Vogue's conversation with Sir John, when he touched on Beyonce’s ridiculously good skincare regimen.

Not With Those Lips, You Won't. - TUL COSMETICS LITDRIP: Clearly ($16)

We've all been there: dinner’s finished, the movie was amazing, and just being honest, the last thing you need to ruin your perfect evening is crusty lips. They're on your face, too, so care for them like you'll never get another pair! Hydrating lip glosses and masques with Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil are the perfect way to refresh your smile overnight and on-the-go, give you ultra sexy lips, and level up your confidence to 1000. Not to mention, this powerful trio is in so many skin care products like face creams, body butters, high performance lip glosses, just to name a few for a reason!
TLC = Tender Love & Cleanser - Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser ($11)
In order to have flawless skin like Bey, our faces need a little extra TLC to keep them clean, and we mean more than just plain water. Think about it, if you could help it, would you pass on washing your feet & hands with soap and just use... water?
Though Sis, if you do, live your best life!
Our Editors suggest wetting your face in the shower, then applying a dime-sized amount of a gentle face cleanser. Next, avoiding your eye area, massage your fingers in circular motions to create a soothing lather to wash way any unwanted impurities. A tip to keep soap from getting in your eyes is to rinse your hands first, and then gently wipe any soap from your eyes, and you should in the clear to open your stargazers! 
Moisture A Day Keeps the Cake Away. - First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream ($14-$38)
First Aide Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
Cakes are only for dessert… and jeans, but we’ll save that for another blog.
To keep your foundation from being “cakey” or dry (plus keep it from sliding all over your face) moisturize before, for a flawless finish. Hydrating will also keep that right-out-the-shower-tight feeling we all adore from stopping by for a friendly visit. A key to Beyonce's near-flawless complexion is applying a dime-sized amount of face lotion, 5 minutes before her foundation base. Use this tip to give your face moisturizer just enough time to soak in without drying up, leaving your face with just the right amount of “grip.” This slight “stickiness” helps your makeup last all day, giving you that supple, healthy, Bey Glow.
PROTIP: Pat your face moisturizer in your skin and use your fingers to feel for dry spots.
Eye cream… everywhere? Yes ma’am!

Eye creams, gels, and serums that we normally reach for to use around our eyes are created with tons of skin-yummy micro particles like collagen, caffeine, and retinol that just want to jump right into your skin! Eye creams and gels help blur and minimize any itty bitty fine lines, and the best part is these same benefits go for the rest of your gorgeous face! Bathe in your eye cream, Baby!
No Neck Left Behind.


Ever been in a time machine? Us either. Try this with us though: no matter what you look like today, imagine your beautiful face, just as it is this very second. Okay, awesome. Now, imagine your neck, just as it is today. Perfection. Lastly, fast forward your neck by 30 years, and leave your face in 2020. Say it with us, now:


As much care as we take of our face, it’s just as important to never neglect our necks! Sir John recommends we take advantage of the skin-shielding properties of face creams, and use them on our necks, chest, shoulders, and potential match-book-dry areas like the knees and elbows.

Green Is the New Fried.

Green Kale Smoothie

So Beyonce's skin care routine also consists of a kale smoothie, rich in Vitamin K which promotes cell regeneration & renewal —
Now Bey, this is where we draw the line!
Unfortunaty, we took a hard pass on that decadent concoction. But! If you have Beychella Discipline, sip your green smoothie in pride, Sis! You can also join us in simply swapping the large fry for a baby spinach salad. Well, not really. We recommend to just have the salad on the side.

More Water. Yup, More Than That.

Beyonce Hydrated Legs Photo from Vogue

“I drink water every day!”
We hear you girls already, but are saying it louder for the ones in the back! If you’re not drinking 2-4 liters of good ol' water a day, consider raising your minimum intake to have a chance to see a ton of beauty benefits like shinier hair, softer lips, and even a clearer complexion.

We hope this article helped in some way, so please feel free to leave a comment! Let us know if you can relate, and which tips you’ll be trying!
Disclaimer: We’re Grey's Anatomy certified, but this is not a real diagnosis for anything, so be sure to always consult with your doctor. 

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    Smoothies are great meal supplements. I love kale & fruit smoothies! Thanks for sharing this article.

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    Thanks so much. I love this! Thanks for help fun tips!

  • Breaun Livingston on

    I have an issue with my lips peeling, I would just throw carmex over it and that would be it, but I see now that it is just my lack of water in take! Thank you for the info and I’ll be sure to give this a try!

  • Alisa on

    This article is AMAZING! 🤩 So many helpful tips. I have struggled with the appearance of my skin since I became pregnant. Everyone told me after delivering it would go back to normal, but it has not. I’m so excited to try these tips and gave skin like my soul sister Beyoncé 😍 Will update this thread periodically with results 😁

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