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Your lips are irreplaceable (Beyonce's voice), and you wanna look and feel amazing while you care for them! Our Handcrafted Lipstick is created by Licensed Makeup Artists and is ridiculously different from machine-made products that can be purchased from overseas supply vendors.

We keep it extra [in the best way] at The Unicorn Locker, and so of course we take extra care and time to research, create, and test our LIPGRIP Créme Matte Liquid Lipsticks as a labor of love.

Our Makeup Artisans commit to a super clean workspace + handcrafting in small batches to guarantee amazing quality products... every time. We responsibly source our ingredients and bring you only the finest of quality from around the world in our handcrafted makeup cosmetics... Period!

All the pigments we use to handcraft the stunning lipstick colors you love so much are deemed safe for cosmetic use on the lips by the US’s Food & Drug Administration.
LIPGRIP’s Artisan Made journey starts with bare, empty lipstick component tubes that we make sure to disinfect before production.

Empty Handcrafted Artisan Lipstick Tubes, TUL COSMETICS

After thoroughly disinfecting our work surface, the fun begins.

Each ingredient is carefully measured on a calibrated scale to give us maximum color consistency between batches with little change. 

We create our own unique, specialty blends of raw and skin safe pigments. 

Color is long lasting, never flakes or dries out your lips, and saves you precious time (and product) with extreme color payoff in just one swipe.

Handcrafted Lipstick Pigment, TUL COSMETICS

Now this is where it can get a little messy.. We oh-so-carefully add in our special mix of super silky emollients and lipstick-y goodness. Actually, just jump into the action with us and watch while we “hand spin” these pigments to evenly mix all this goodness together.


Before tubing your LIPGRIP Matte Liquid Lipsticks, we whisk you away to paradise by adding our signature and super juicy scent of ripened, summertime watermelon. 

The crafting ends here, but the process? NOPE.

Handcrafted Red Lipstick Spilling Over Tube During Artisan Handcrafting Process, TUL COSMETICS

Before producing in bulk, each lipstick shade is quality-tested for wear-time, comfort, the juicy watermelon scent, and more.

FUN FACT: We created 4 variations of "Back to the Fuchsia" Créme Matte LIPGRIP Liquid Lipstick before we nailed the perfect color!

Process of Creating Purple Handcrafted Matte Lipstick, TUL COSMETICS

Our extensive testing phase also includes early shopping access for our in-store shoppers and VIP Email List. Both VIP Groups get a first-feel for our new products before we release them to new customers, here, in The Unicorn Locker.

TUL Cosmetics Handcrafted Matte Lipsticks In store Display, TUL COSMETICS

Now that you got all the behind-the-scenes tea on alllll the hard work behind our handcrafted matte lipsticks, pick some up for yourself to find out what all the hype is about.

Drop a comment and let us know if you had ever seen lipstick be made! Like this article? Let us know!

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    I love to see all of the hard work that goes into these beautiful products ❤

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