5 Makeup Artists Give Tips For Bulletproof Summer Makeup

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“Genie, I wish for a face of makeup that looks the same when I come home as when I left! ...or when I take my mask off... for that matter."
Oh, so we don't have a Genie -- or a bottle? Oop. Welllll, what if we said that amazing feeling you get seeing 2 hours of makeup sweating off mid-selfie is about to be a thing of the past.
To help you secure your makeup like you secure the bag, we went on a quest via Instagram and Facebook to ask for Summer Makeup Tips. We received over a hundred entries from across the nation, and intricately recruited a cool combo of Featured Makeup Artists and Everyday Makeup Enthusiasts just like you, to give us the tea on some of their secret summer makeup tips and tricks that they use that help keep their makeup in place through the dry or humid heat.
These application techniques cover every skin type from combination to dry or oily skin, as well as a different levels of makeup artistry to help you get the most out of your Summer Makeup. Want to achieve a light and natural glow or a full coverage and flawless beat that lasts through the summer? We got you:


Shamil Alli, Pro MUA + TUL Cosmetics Product Designer & Founder
As a Pro Celeb Makeup Artist and TUL COSMETICS Head Product Designer, Milz the Unicorn stresses that one of the most critical parts of achieving bulletproof, long wear makeup is working in layers with quality products. To achieve her signature "Porcelain Complexion," try this technique after applying foundation: 
  1. Pat a light layer of baking powder under your eye with a fluffy eyeshadow brush after concealer to set the under eye and prevent creasing (using this kind of brush this way gives you more precision and keeps the tiger-lines away through your day)
  2. Repeat with the rest of your T-Zone using a fluffy face brush (around the nose, mouth, and forehead) 
  3. Grab your foundation brush and gently pat that light layer of baking setting powder into the your skin
    (Sis if you have dry skin, skip to step 6. Oily girls, continue!)
  4. Apply a second layer of baking setting powder in problem areas like the nose and mouth, and bake for 3-5 minutes (at this point, your setting powder may appear visible on top of your skin)
  5. Repeat step 3.
  6. Spray your face with makeup setting spray (NOT finishing spray, these are SO different! A faveee on my oily clients is the Urban Decay Deslick Setting Spray!" Milz tells the TUL Chronicles.
  7. Repeat step 3 with your foundation brush & you're done!

     Tap the photo to shop the Urban Decay setting spray:


Red Jones, Former Pro Celeb Makeup Artist - The Rain Technique

Red's super dope makeup tip to achieve humidity-proof makeup is an oldie but goodie. As a Native Seattle Gal, Jones has worked on clients in both the humid heat of Seattle and the Dry Desert in Las Vegas, so y'all know we couldn't pass on the opportunity to have her share this gem she perfectly calls the “RAIN” TECHNIQUE. Try this second tip for moisture-proof makeup:
  1. After applying your foundation and setting powder, spray your fav makeup setting spray and don’t be shy, Hunty! 
  2. Grab a fan (or something to fan your face with like a paper) and fan until it’s dry.
  3. After your first round of “set and dry,” re-apply loose setting powder on issue prone areas (like the T-Zone)
  4. After your makeup setting powder has baked for 5 more minutes, reapply setting spray mist and fan dry.
  5. Repeat this process of misting your face with makeup setting spray and fan dry at least 3-4 times.

    You’re ready to secure the bag! Jones recommends Vitamin E Oil to remove this locked-and-loaded makeup look. Tap the photo to shop.


Daliana Gonzalez, Self-taught Makeup Artist + Founder of ZenBeautyX Lashes and Skincare Brand
Skincare always gets us extraaa excited, but we got super hot and bothered chatting with Gonzalez about the importance of prepping the skin before applying any makeup that is able to resist the scorchin’ summer heat. “I’m releasing an upcoming SKIN line so I can’t really reference too many products, but a great moisturizer is KEY before any application of makeup,” Gonzalez tells us. Try these tips for healthy and supple skin under your Summer Makeup Beat:
  1. Start with moisturizer. Moisturizer is KEY before any application of makeup. Don't forget SPF!
  2. Use a matte primer (pore smoother) and matte foundation! Fenty Beauty Profiltr Matte foundation is a fav, Gonzalez tells us.
  3. (OPTIONAL) If you’re wearing powder eyeshadow, use a primer or creme eyeshadow to make the look last throughout your day.
  4. If wearing lashes, avoid glues with latex in them.
  5. Check in on your look every 3-4 hours to blot any “melting” or “problem” areas with a blotting paper. One of  Daliana’s favs are Fenty Beauty’s Blotting Paper.
  6. After blotting on-the-go, spritz your face with travel-sized setting spray from your purse and you’re good to go!

    Tap the photo to shop Pro Filt'r Foundation.


Shaleece Brown, Las Vegas Makeup Artist
Brown is a makeup artist in Las Vegas who loves to slay. Her advice to gals like her with combination skin recommends the light use of foundation depending on your skin's blemishes and the coverage of them that you require. Take a look at her tip:
  1. Use a sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer if you do not require full coverage.
  2. Add a mattifying setting spray to help with the longevity your look
Shaleece also noted to us "environmental factors will play a part in your skin's oil production," so be sure to keep that in mind.

Brown has said her fav primer to use under matte foundation is Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer. Tap the photo below, to pick it up.


    Erica Mae, Up 'n' Coming Makeup Influencer + Artist
    As an up and coming Makeup Influencer, Mae is known by her growing and loyal audience on Instagram for her lit-from-within makeup style and love for trying new makeup techniques. "My Skintype is dry, Erica tells us. That said, her tips are perfect for girls who also have dry skin and would want a fierce, glowy, summer makeup look: 
    1. Try completely skipping baking with a large amount of setting powder.
    2. Use a small amount of makeup setting powder to set your face. 
    3. Spray your face with A LOT of makeup setting spray to secure makeup look in.

      Erica noted her fav setting spray for dry skin is the NYX Bare With Me Multitasking Spray. Tap the pic to grab yours.
    And that's all she wrote, Sis! By now, you have 5 different Summer Makeup Techniques to start practice, product guidance, and recommendations. Now all that's left for you is to get in a little practice and you now have permission to secure the bag

    Drop us a comment and let us know what you learned and which Summer Makeup Tip you plan to try, first! If you are a Makeup Artist and want a chance to be featured, send us an email at support@theunicornlocker.com with your inquiry. 

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