Creamsicle Drip - Lipgloss lipstick eyeshadow glitter blush highlighter foundation

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Creamsicle Drip

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Creamsicle Drip is mouthwateringly stunning. She holds captive several shades of creamy orange hues, as well as gold and platinum recflects. This baby is more than ready to be your summery throwback!


All Unicorn Locker’s Custom-Mixed Chunky Glitz glitters are hand-mixed, cosmetic grade, and safe to use on the body, hair, nails, face, and eyes. Our cosmetic grade glitter is best applied to the skin with a glitter adhesive(coming soon to The Unicorn Locker!), and will also stick super well to lash glue. They are also perfect for use in kids’ slime, DIY projects, as well as school! (Please exercise extreme caution when using around the eyes, due to larger particle sizes)