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"A Woman's Power Is Her Beauty"

T.U.L. Cosmetics was founded and stands on doing things the hard way-- by hand with quality ingredients. Our products are artisan-crafted and prepared fresh on a daily basis without parabens, talc, and yucky ingredients that just should not be in our makeup. 

The Unicorn Locker is your go-to the finest lipglosses, matte lipsticks, face & body loose glitters, and more. We supply our community with tips & tricks, quality products, and professional makeup services by our CEO and Professional Makeup Artist, Milz the Unicorn. 

We love frequently posting our makeup, beauty, and motivational tips on our Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook social communities to teach ladies everywhere, everything we know.

The purpose and meaning behind every single product and service we provide is to empower all women with knowledge & creativity. Every woman wants to feel beautiful, and at The Unicorn Locker, we recognize that A Woman's Power Is Her Beauty. There is just a different vibe & stride about a woman when she's confident in her skin, and our mission is bring this confidence to every woman across the globe.

With All Our Love, 

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